Artificial fish slime designed to mimic the feel and chemical composition of a live fish’s slime coat.   

All live fish secrete a mucoprotein protective slime coat. This defends them against parasitic infections, bacteria, diseases, and helps them move thru the water. This is the almost clear, viscous, slippery, sticky substance fishermen feel when handling a live fish. The consensus among biologists who study fish behavior is that when a fish strikes an artificial lure, bait, or soft bait, they can detect thru sensory receptors found inside their mouths, that something is wrong, there is no slime coat, and they then often immediately reject it. FISH SLYME™ is designed to interact with these sensory receptors. By mimicking the characteristic features, almost clear, viscous, sticky, slippery, FEEL of a live fish’s slime coat, we are intending to delay their reaction to reject, causing the fish “hold on longer” after the strike. 

FISH SLYME™ also has proprietary ingredients that mimic the CHEMICAL COMPOSITION of a live fish’s slime coat. This can be important especially when waters lack visibility. In addition to visual, and auditory, fish communicate with chemical signals, secreted thru their slime coat. Each of these forms of communication can cause fish to bite or not to bite in an instant. FISH SLYME™ is designed not only to leave “a scent trail that fish can recognize”, but to mask human scent. We call all of this “control of information flow thru bio chemical signaling”. 

Use “AS IS”, or before applying, add by mixing into, any scent, color, glitter, florescent, or phosphorescent, to enhance the effectiveness of the artificial lure, bait, or soft bait you are fishing with.  This is because  the fisherman can quickly change it’s feel, smell, taste, and visibility.

For best results, use a towel to dry the artificial lure or soft bait before application. Next use a small paint brush to apply. This can be done very quickly. We found while fishing, (because our product stayed on longer) that when compared to the many products you continually reapply, our artificial lure and soft bait was actually in the water longer.

Designed to help fishermen present a more lifelike appeal, attract more fish, better replicate forage fish, create a scent trail, and mask human odors.  Comes in 5 oz (142g) plastic jars.    Click on the images below to enlarge.

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